Exploring the future of music media

This is a project I have been mulling over for years now. I have a real love hate relationship with digital libraries. So many rich analog experiences are sacrificed in the name of convenience. Music was the first to go with the popularity of the mp3 player and itunes, but the eBook has given the 1-2 punch to the paperback in recent years too. The proliferation of digital storage and libraries has given us instantaneous access to all of our media, but at what cost? We've lost rich and important intangible experiences, flipping through album cover art, dog earing the page in a book or simply showcasing our libraries in our homes as opposed to files on an ipad. 

Now digital libraries are not going anywhere, but we have to figure out how to make them human again. Pixels on a screen are not going to cut it for the White Album or Catcher in the Rye. With this concept I have created adhesive data markers which can be stuck to anything, and reference back to files in a digital library. These markers can be applied to anything and everything, essentially turing any object or drawing into a link to a digital file.